AI in Test Automation (EN)

Artificial Intelligence has been widely used, from Traffic Light Detection to Disease diagnosis. In this talk, we will learn more about the challenges in Test Automation and how AI can help to solve these challenges using Natural language processing and Image processing. After this talk, you will be familiar with the following topics:

- How AI in Tricentis is leveraged to tackle the testing challenges
- What are the current challenges in testing
- Which problems are being addressed by AI, and which ones are not
- What is the current AI-based solution in the market

Who is the target of this talk?

When is the talk happening?

The talk is happening at 15:40 in Hall Rotunda (on the ground floor of the pavilion A).
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Rhona Asgari

With a background in mathematics and physics, Rhona studied computer science for her bachelor's. She continued her master's study in Artificial Intelligence until she got into a Ph.D. program at the Medical University of Vienna. Currently leading the AI team in Tricentis, she has more than ten years of experience in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, working with various types of data in different fields.