Testing Unconference (CZ)

Testing Unconference is a participant-driven conference. The agenda is usually created by the attendees at the beginning of the conference. Anyone can initiate a discussion or suggest a topic in the given area. The only barrier is an area, which is ‘SOFTWARE TESTING’. Anybody will get the chance to open problem, question or solution they want to discuss. It’s easy, all you need is to stick your topic on the whiteboard as topic owner. Then, the audience will get the chance to sign to your topic. We will create schedule based on the submitted topics and topic owners will get chance to discuss their topic in 30min long session. You don’t have to worry about your moderating skills, we have experienced moderators who will help you with this part. You can share your experience or ask for experience of others during the discussions. There are 4 ground rules for the discussion only: • Whoever shows up on discussion are the right people • Whatever happens during the discussion is the only thing that could have • Whenever a discussion starts is the right time • Discussion’s over when it’s over The discussion could be taken in Czech/Slovak or English language, depending on the topic owner.

Who is the target of this talk?

Martin Španko

Martin leads automation projects and initiatives in SolarWinds over the multiple regions. He facilitates innovations in continuous automation, automation performance and automation integration and upgrade testing. He leads the local SolarWinds automation community, has experience with hosting automation test unconferences what this is the reason he joined TestCrunch conference this year.