Test automation in Cypress: From zero to hero (SK)

Cypress is a modern end-to-end testing tool that is suitable for anything that runs in browser. It’s also super easy to use. Meet Filip, Cypress Ambassador and QA lead at Slido, who started writing tests with very little experience in JavaScript. In this workshop, he’ll go on this journey once again and teach you how to write your first e2e test in couple of minutes.

Who is the target of this talk?

Whether you started learning JavaScript yesterday or are an expert, this workshop is definitely for you. We’ll start with simple commands and move our way up, to writing more complex tests. At the end of the workshop, you should be able to write a test yourself.

Any computer: Mac, Windows, Linux
Node 6+
Filip Hric

QA lead at Slido and Cypress Ambassador. With a background in psychology, he always strives for a people-focusing point of view. After 3 years and many transformations in a fast growing startup, he’s now leading a 6 member team, watching over daily updates of all Slido products.