Getting started with Gitlab CI (CZ)

Let’s learn how to configure the free cloud Gitlab CI for executing test or any other scripts you desire. Will learn basic configuration, making different stages, pipelines and how to receive any artifacts such as test screenshots.

Any laptop with web-browser
Free GitLab account

Who is the target of this talk?

Someone interested in black-box test design techniques, review of requirements and user stories + test planning.
Petr Večeřa

Petr Večeřa is Software Engineer with full stack experience which he acquired at profiq. He's got experience with infrastructure and software architecture design, team management and knowledge of several programming languages. Lately he enjoys the combination of FE JavaScript and BE Elixir most but if he could take only one thing on deserted island it would be Python. His strongest skill would be automation. It could be either QA test automation which he applied on several projects or automation of general IT processes which he did for example in Avast Release Engineering team.