YES4Q ( Organizer

Since 2015, YES4Q has delivered consulting, expert services, and training to tens of clients in various businesses. Ranging from start-ups to enterprise companies, YES4Q clients save time and money through higher quality, effective and efficient processes, improved product development, improved reputation, and more.

YES4Q is not a resource provider or staffing company. It comprises of top-tier professionals with enormous experience in business matters most relevant to software engineering, quality assurance, and process improvement. As such YES4Q delivers high quality and scalable solutions that are tailored to the needs of the client.

At YES4Q, all the consultants hold ISTQB Advanced level or Expert level certificates.

Czech and Slovak Testing Board ( Co-organizer

The Czech and Slovak Testing Board (CaSTB) is an association of professionals dedicated to good practices in the software and system testing. The CaSTB is a Member Board of International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) and as such it is the single legal representative of ISTQB in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Board consists of testing experts from a wide range of organizations.

Krone Consulting ( General Partner

KRONE is a leader of software testing and quality assurance. We offer solutions for testing challenges and trainings for IT professionals. KRONE is an organizer of international testing conference Testing United. At KRONE we are gaining value from testing.

Long story short, we are here to deliver real value, not just testing.

Artin ( Platinum Partner | Testathon General Partner

We are ARTIN. Technology enthusiasts with our heads full of ideas. For more than 20 years we offer services in software development and think of our own internal products using artificial intelligence. Self-driven car, chatbot, voicebot or robo receptionist. We have a bunch of interesting projects to choose from. In our projects we not only focus on modern technologies, but also on quality of our delivery - especially quality control. That is why we have a testing competency, where we get together on regular basis, and educate continuously with a special focus on test automation.

Dixons Carphone CoE ( Platinum Partner

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Dixons Carphone is a strong retail presence in the field of electronics. Our store chain is firmly based in England and Ireland, as well as in the Nordic countries, such as Norway or Denmark. Since 2007, our shared service centre in Brno provides the development of e-commerce platform and support in finance and administration.

Kentico Software ( Platinum Partner

We Do Business Globally… Yes, from Brno!
We create a superb product that is used by companies all over the world for their online business - from an interface to website administration, from marketing to CRM. It would be easy to have our headquarters in Paolo Alto or Dublin. But no, our hearts and brains are and will always be in Brno.

Every department, including development, marketing, sales, and customer support, have their offices in the Titanium Building on Nové sady (street) in Brno. We have one boss, who has never lost his programming skills. We have managers that have worked their way up from the bottom. Because of this, they really know how everything ticks around here. And, we have offices that would make Google jealous. Really!

How about a business trip to the United States or the land down under? Sure, we have branches there. Or you can walk your kids to school, take a tram ride downtown, and be in your office within minutes. And then you can work on something awesome.

Oracle Netsuite ( Platinum Partner

Oracle NetSuite pioneered the Cloud Computing revolution in 1998, establishing the world’s first company dedicated to delivering business applications over the internet. Today, Oracle NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based financials, ERP, HR and omnichannel commerce software that runs the business of companies in more than 100 countries.

Unicorn ( Platinum Partner

Unicorn is a renowned European company that provides the most complex information systems and solutions in the area of information technology. We focus on creating high added value and competitive advantage for our customers. We have been active in the market since 1990, during which time we have created a great number of complex and top-class solutions that are used among the most significant companies from various industries. We pride ourselves on the best references from the area of banking, insurance, energy and utilities, communications and media, manufacturing, commerce and public administration. We are pleased that some of the largest and prominent companies are our customers.

Nowadays, Unicorn is a renowned company in the Czech Republic that regularly ranks among the most successful businesses in the region, and is at the cutting edge of the IT industry. From Europe's point of view, Unicorn is perceived as an excellent provider of IT solutions in several industries. Namely in energy and banking, we are automatically included in competitive tendering processes, in which we regularly win.

Wandera ( Platinum Partner

We develop a product that helps companies keep control of their mobile data and ensure its users are secure. In addition to traditional threat detection techniques, we continuously improve our MI:RIAM AI engines that use machine learning. The large volume and variety of data processed by our platform enables us to stop attacks in real time and prevent problems like bill-shock, phishing and zero day malware attacks.